Healing is performed via journeying with the assistance of helping spirits and guides.   The shaman practitioner enters an altered state of consciousness and accesses helping beings who connect with the practitioner and the person in need of healing. The practitioner journeys with the helping spirits to diagnose and perform the healing. 


Shamanic journeying is the practitioners tool for accessing non ordinary reality.  It allows the practitioner to access helping spirits and power animals who will assist in the healing, the communication, and the revealing of helpful information most often in metaphor.


The use of journeying can develop the practitioners intuitive skills in a powerful way so that it becomes effortless and natural for information to come through that benefits the client. Drumming and rattling help the practitioner journey in the transition to another state of consciousness. 

It is with conscious intention and clarity, that can allow the practitioner and helping spirits to succeed. The power behind these can make a significant difference in the healing and it helps that the afflicted person has a strong intention as well. 


It is also the case that in some situations with certain individuals they are not meant to live on and thus their greater good is served as well as for those connected with them.