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Heart Centered Depossession is a method to help clear a conscious being aweay from a living person and guide them to the light or the next part of their journey. Depossessing a being from another helps both the possessed person and the being that is attached move on. 

Most depossessions are with ordinary people who have died. These are not demonic beings. The dead beings are not out to posses another, but it happens in an effort to get their needs met and they are often not aware that they have died. Whether a person who dies moves on or gets stuck in our middle world depends on a variety of factors. For example if death happens suddenly a person may not realize they have died or if they have attachments to a loved one or a loved ones attachment to them may not allow them to pass on. The dead person becomes lost in their dying transition and when no help is available they find a living being to be with and one who feels safe. (Please refer to the conscious dying sections at as we have a beautiful program for helping a dying persons process be gentle, clear, and compassionate for all involved)

For someone who is possessed it can be a very uncomfortable experience in that the begin to experience the discarnate beings emotions, likes, dislikes, physical conditions, fears, and any array of symptoms that the living person would not otherwise be experiencing. Again, the discarnate person is usually not out to possess a living person with ill intent. Some possessions are voluntary and others involuntary meaning that the discarnate beings simply fall into possessing involuntarily and others do make the choice. Whichever, they negativevly affect the living person. 

This work is sensitive to both the possessed and the possessor. Heart centered depossession is a compassionate way to relieve both beings. 

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